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Female Empowerment

We empower women through training in tailoring. As a result, women can start their own small businesses and support their families.


By 2019, we trained 1410 women.


Educating children and youth

We run two primary schools, one secondary school, and one vocational school. The schools have been accredited by the Indian government. 

We offer boarding for children from remote isolated areas so that they can attend school.

More than 1,200 children have completed secondary school over the past 20 years.

The vocational school offers courses in Computer Science and diploma courses in medical-technical assistance


Primary healthcare and community development

Our nurses look after the children in the schools, and also conduct regular health education programmes in villages.

We run a primary health care centre.

We regularly visit 40 villages, thereby reaching about 30,000 people, and offer simple primary health care.


  • Hermon Living Water Ministries (HLWMIndia) is a charitable organization and was established in 1999. 

  • Hermon Living Water Ministries is a registered society in India with a FCRA permit (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act). 

  • HLWM India serves the very poor in a remote coastal fishermen area in the state in South-East India. 

  • HLWMIndia has set up children homes, schools, vocational and tailoring schools, primary health care centers, support for seniors and HIV patients, and adult literacy training. Through participatory approaches, it contributes to community empowerment, empowerment of women, community development and health education in assisting communities to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

  • HLWMIndia is under local Indian leadership and all co-workers are Indian, i.e. they speak the local Telugu language thus assuring in-depth understanding of the local culture and situation.

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