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RuCoDeI supports Hermon Living Water Ministries. Hermon Living Water Ministries (HLWMIndia) is a charitable organization and was established in 1999. 


Hermon Living Water Ministries is a registered society in India with a FCRA permit (Foreign ContributionRegulation Act). Only organizations/NGOs in India with this permit are allowed by the Indian government to receive financial support from abroad. 


HLWM India does educational and social work among the very poor, backward-caste and scheduled caste (Dalit) population in a remote coastal area in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South-East India. 


Founded in Bern, Switzerland, in February 2019, RuCoDeI is a charitable not-for-profit organization. The primary purpose is to equip communities for community transformation through development and improved health. 


RuCoDei envisions a world where rural communities work for a common good so that all can thrive with equality, dignity and justice. RuCoDeI equips communities through community-owned health education and development. 


HLWM is working in a very remote coastal delta area near the Golf of Bengal in the state Andhra Pradesh in South-East India. Approximately 50 million people live in Andhra Pradesh and most of them speak Telugu, one of the 22 recognized regional languages. 

Core Values
  • Vulnerable and marginalized: We are committed to the poorest of the poor in rural communities, irrespective of race, gender and religion

  • Long Term Solutions: We focus on development rather than relief. We believe prevention of diseases (and other problems) is less costly and more sustainable than trying to cure them.

  • Local ownership: We do not want to promote a cycle of dependency on outside aid. Rather, we teach communities to identify and solve their own problems. We  adapt the program to local needs, as identified by the community.

  • Participatory Learning: Our teaching methods engage adults in discussion, reflection and action, building on what they know. It also allows less educated people to be equipped to become trainers.

  • Use of locally available resources: When people use resources they already have, they grow their independence and can teach others to do likewise.

  • Multiplication: As we use simple appraoches, it does not need professional development workers to thrive. Because it relies so heavily on local leadership and volunteers, once one community catches the vision, other communities will follow. 

  • Holistic: We believe that the focus on physical change and medical problems is not sufficient, but that true transformational development and health will need a holistic inter-disciplinary approach that includes social, environmental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects.



We equip rural communities through development of training material, “Training of Trainer” Seminars, assistance in project management, and mentorships of leaders. We aim to equip workers for effective community development and health programmes through participatory teaching approaches, with a focus of empowering women. Our aim is community transformation through transforming individual lives. We train and partner with other NGOs who share the same principles and concepts: prevention rather than cure, development rather than relief, inter-sectoral rather than unilateral, bottom-up rather than top-down, community empowerment rather than foreign dominance. We also work directly with NGOs within countries. We use a development process that addresses the needs of the whole person - physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. We work with people of all religions, races and cultural beliefs.   Where invited, we work directly and indirectly with rural communities globally, although our initial focus is on India. We raise funds to support training and projects in rural communities, initially with a 100% focus on Hermon Living Water Ministries (HLWM), India. 

Development of training material, running “Training of Trainer” seminars (including hiring venue, trasnportation, meals, training materials), setting up an infrastructure and hiring personnel for community development training and projects, community seed projects, primary health care, community health education, village committees, loans for microenterprises, education of women, vocational training, primary and secondary schools, adult literacy, improved agriculture and fish farming, project management training and leadership training. All donations (100%) will go to HLWM India until 2022, after which we may consider adding other worthwhile projects and programmes, depending on the financial situation. 

Financial Support

  • HLWMIndia has set up children homes, schools, vocational and tailoring schools, primary health care centers, support for seniors and HIV patients, and adult literacy training. Through participatory approaches, it contributes to community empowerment, empowerment of women, community development and health education in assisting communities to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

  • HLWMIndia is under local Indian leadership and all co-workers are Indian, i.e. they speak the local Telugu language thus assuring in-depth understanding of the local culture and situation.

RuCoDeI has no capital stock but finances its operations through regular and/or one-time donations of private individuals, companies, institutions or foundations. Because most of the work in the donor countries is done through volunteers, almost 100% of donations are used for the beneficiaries, which currently is HLWM India.  In 2018, running cost for all the different activities and services provided through HLWM India amounted to approximately Euro 130.000.

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